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NIO (Chinese: 蔚来; pinyin: Wèilái) is a Chinese automobile manufacturer headquartered in Shanghai, specializing in designing and developing electric autonomous vehicles. The company is also involved in the FIA Formula E Championship, the first single-seater, all-electric racing series.

A dissapointed customer shared his opinion about NIO in a website dedicated to provide automobile reviews of auto industry news: “Automotive startups have a low survival rate, but Nio was presumed to be the next big thing in vehicular electrification.”

Why the presumption?

They had 1/3 the number of employees as Tesla. That’s still a lot, but it’s barely critical mass. If they lost $390 million in one quarter, that’s merely a reflection of how expensive it is to launch an EV startup.

Plus, since they’re living on venture capital money, their financial overlords probably dictated the staff cuts so as to extend the runway. I starred in that movie once – on the receiving end.

“China knows only about 1 percent of its EV startups survive, we all just thought Nio would be one of them.” Well, you had a 99% chance of being wrong. But perhaps they will survive.

As for the fires, that smacks of bad engineering in the same sense as knockoff replacement lithium ion batteries. You can’t cut corners on mechanical and electrical battery protections, thermal protection, charging rates, and so on. This could be what bit them.


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Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"- Leadership treats employees unfairly -"Elevates" people into new roles and responsibilities but refuses to compensate people accordingly. Taking advantage of people who are excited for career development. An example would be that you could be an engineer moved to management track, receive title change but no compensation change. - HR is truly incompetent, I have never met an HR team so incompetent before in my career. I am specifically talking about HR management. HR is fake, pretends to care and listen but does not deliver. All talk, no walk. Thats what I've found amongst the rest of SJ leadership team as well. I would've stayed at NIO for a long time because I truly believe in their vision but unfortunately I couldn't stand the disrespect from the SJ Leadership team any longer. From the managing director all the way down to team directors, everyone was a huge disappointment and in the last year I was consistently let down every step of the way."

Current Employee - Engineer says

"Company now is in complete shambles. The future of the USA office is seemingly on the chopping block and essentially serve as minions to the China office. Too many walls between departments and what other colleagues have said on Glassdoor about nepotism, toxicity, and incompetent upper management driving the company into the ground are all true."

Current Employee - Engineering says

"The company seems pretty lost going in circles aimlessly changing directions on almost a daily basis. US location has lost nearly all mid- to senior management and large number of personnel along with it in less than a year. Mothership is applying increasing amounts of pressure to solve all the damage over last 4 years at once but without providing any clear direction. Problems of past, present and future projects are all attempted to be figured out all at once in random order. Perpetual start-up style mode means a free-for-all: lack of clear requirements, duplicated efforts by multiple teams, architectural holes, decisions are made by wrong teams, those that don't have expertise, or no decisions made at all. Unclear constraints lead to projects worked on by entire teams for many months then completely thrown away. Then those team can be deemed ineffective or redundant and get cut. Efforts to make forward progress made by any team is usually thwarted by someone key leaving and/or task being moved to China. Further, despite this being a public company, financial situation is kept opaque to employees."

Former Employee - Senior Software Engineer says

"There is no direction, the AI team was severely under utilized. There is too much politics between the teams, anyone who has to deal with the AD Cloud team loses sleep, The Cloud team leadership, technical and non technical is very hard to work with and just plain bad. The cloud team don't know what their customers want, they don't know how to deliver what their customers want, and they create a difficult and poisonous work environment making collaboration among teams impossible. Instead of what the cloud platform customers want, they are more interested in shoving down useless time consuming and expensive architecture down your throats. I do not understand how the NIO management has no idea how to deal with an unproductive team and unused platform. The cloud leadership forced many amazing and strong AI contributors to leave the company."

Former Employee - Accounting says

"Stay away from the accounting department or you will be sorry for yourself! Hostile work environment/ high turn over/ Verbal abuse/ Harassed/ No one wants to work at such a place! Management doesn't take any action against certain people who create toxic work culture for others."

Former Employee - Anonymous says

"The worse leaderships in all departments. A bunch of idiots and control freaks that always want their way or the highway. No one wants to work as a team. All the 4 and five stars review are so fake. The environment so toxic."

Former Employee - Talent Acquisition says

"No leadership skills, has problem with integrity."

Former Employee - Engineer says

"Lack of project funding. Constant fear of layoffs US leadership is a puppet of China Complete lack of accountability from US leadership. HR leadership is horrendous. You have to be in the good books of Chinese leadership. Constant presence of China leaders in US indicates lack of trust in US leadership I left because of no work and ever shifting projects"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The entire VEDA platform is a total disaster. very few solid engineers(1 or 2). Some solid engineers are left. REST are crap. The so called "technical leaders/architects" are not technically strong. I don't even say they are mediocre."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The engineering leaderships are clueless and operate on a trial and error basis."

Engineer (Current Employee) says

"The company has a lot of potentials but is always stuck between US-China politics. On top of its burn rate is pretty high, though there is always support from investors, but no clear picture of what the US market or international market outside China looks like. Reward culture and retention is not that strong. So overall, if you feel yourself to be too ambitious than this place is not for you, but if you want to get into the autonomous driving car industry, maybe this place can be good especially the Software, AI, Algorithms or Hardware TeamFree buffet like lunches, free medical benefitsBad stock, poor management, shaky roadmap, high burn rate"

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